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We are a social startup company and our vision is to improve production of all small-scale farmers in developing countries by 2030, through an innovative business model.



Starting to scale

Results of our new techniques are now confirmed. We start recruiting more farmers and scaling operations.

Traction on farmers side, Phan Khom's story

Seeing the results of our productivities in the past year, farmers are now actively asking us to expand their field.

Alba's 2014, and objectives for 2015

2014 was the year when production was brought to consistently good levels. 2015's objectives are to start scaling to 100 farmers.

Weekly adaptation of our product portfolio

Thanks to our progress on agricultural techniques, we can now adapt our production portfolio to our market forecasts on a weekly basis.

Farmer practices controls

To handle the large number of precise practices brought by our new techniques, we put in place new processes for farmers management.
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